Szeptember 29. 10:15, 11:30

Gyerek és felnőtt palotaséta


Szeptember 29. 10:15, 11:30

Gyerek és felnőtt palotaséta

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4 December 2015 – 17 January 2016

For several decades, the Csongrád County Government has been amassing a quite significant fine art collection that now comprises close to 400 artworks. Some of these can be seen in the office corridors, while a greater portion have remained hidden from the general public thus far. Now these splendid pieces, mostly realistic and naturalistic works that are outstanding examples of the Hódmezővásárhely and Szeged schools, will be on display on the walls of the Reök Palace.  This collection, entitled “Hidden Treasures”, will feature more than 180 paintings and a few statues, including ones from such classic great masters as János Tornyai, Sándor Nyilasy, Ferenc Dinnyés, László Vinkler and Gyula Rudnay and great contemporaries like Róbert Csáki, László Tenk, Gábor Dienes and Tamás Galambos.


11 February - 10 March

In 2011, art collector Péter Matula asked contemporary Hungarian painters to treat 21 stories from the New Testament in their own styles. The first material in the series that was suitable for exhibition was created in 2012, and since then the collection has been included in several noted exhibitions. Visitors to the REÖK will get to see, through the works of István Zámbó and Csaba Tábori, such seasons as the baptism of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, the Last Supper, the events on Golgotha and the resurrection of Jesus. A number of related programmes and a drawing competition for children will be held in conjunction with the exhibition.


19 February - 15 March

This exhibition features three Szeged artists: Lőrinc Popovics, József Darázs and Lajos Sejben. All three of them started their creative work during the '70s and '80s, a period when Hungarian fine arts were undergoing a boom, and they are connected in other ways. All three use symbols evoking primitive art to recall visceral and prehistoric experiences that can be exhumed from our collective consciousness. The interesting aspect of the exhibition is the fact that even though Lajos Sejben and József Darázs are primarily considered painters by art historians, at this exhibit, they'll also be showing their statues to the public. All three artists have had retrospective exhibitions at the REÖK, but their works have never been shown together. This exhibition gives a taste of their work from past years through more than 100 works of art.

“International Star Around the World” - PAUL POTTS PHOTO EXHIBITION

24 February - 17 March

World-famous singer Paul Potts, who performs the role of the Steersman in the Szeged Open-Air Festival's opening production of The Flying Dutchman this summer, has made appearances in nearly 50 countries. During his travels, he happily indulges in his favourite hobby of photography, enthusiastically recording the sights and stunning landscapes of the locations he visits. Never exhibited before, these impressively atmospheric pictures will show visitors such landmarks as the Sydney Opera House, Venice's Grand Canal, the coasts of South Korea and the North of England, along with Budapest's Chain Bridge.


25 March - 22 May

This ground-breaking selection presents geometric directions in Hungarian fine arts from the leading masters of Hungarian fine arts, including János Aknay, H. Zsigmond Serényi, Tamás Konok, Pál Deim, János Fajó, István Haraszty as well as Nagámi.


3 June - 7 August

One of the most important fine arts events of Szeged's summer, presenting a cross-section of Hungarian contemporary painting. The high-quality review is now being hosted in worthy surroundings for the fifth time by REÖK. The pictures exhibited at the Panel Painting Biennial promise to be as stylistically diverse as they have been in previous years, since figurative and non-figurative pieces are generally just as present as prevalent as lyrical abstract and photo- and hyper-realistic works are. A few years ago, REÖK instituted the new policy, when selecting the material for the Biennial and the Szeged Summer Exhibition, of personally asking the most noteworthy fine artists to contribute their artworks to the prestigious overview.


continuously from 25 June

A unique virtual exhibition at the Reök Palace will allow visitors to look at a part of world heritage, the most famous statues on the planet, realistically displayed using a single tablet computer. The Great Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty, China's Terracotta Army, the Laocoön Group, David and The Thinker will all feature in the exhibition, whose great advantage is that it allows visitors to gaze at these works, rendered true to life, without leaving their homes. Its technology even lets them take “selfies” with them, while also providing basic information and points of interesting with the help of a likewise virtual exhibition guide.


19 August - 9 October

This exhibition of one of the absolute key figures of Hungarian avant garde art since it came into being in the '60s was specifically adapted to the spaces of the Reök Palace. In addition to presenting the artist's well-know beach and seashore series, it will also put completely fresh works on display. Approximately 100 large-scale and brilliantly colourful works are expected for the exhibition halls.

Visitors should note that our exhibition is not recommended for those under 16 years of age! Some of the works in the galleries may be disturbing and may provoke a negative reaction in some visitors. In light of this, visitors may only view the collection at their own risk.


14 October - 27 November

This exhibition provides a taste from the past decade and a half of work by this Romania-based contemporary sculptor. Tasi's works superbly combine the various base materials for sculpture: wood, metal and stone. Around 40 of them will be on display.


28 October – 15 January 2017

Exhibitions of the Czech photographer's creations have already been organised in numerous countries around the world. The hallmark of his works is the use of manually coloured dreamlike depictions. His photos show nude and partially (or nominally) dressed figures situated between peeling plaster walls, the characters of a decayed and timeless, yet nevertheless colourful, world. His works evoke the style of 19th century erotic photography, as well as the artistic works of Hieronymus Bosch.

Visitors should please note that our exhibition is not recommended for viewers under the age of 18! Some of the works in the galleries may be disturbing and may provoke a negative reaction in some visitors. In light of this, visitors may only view the collection at their own risk.


8 December - 2017

A mini-exhibition of works by graphic artist Anna László. Playing an important role in her work are closeness to nature and literature.


9 December - 2017

Head of the Ráday Gallery and chairman of the Association of Hungarian of Engravers and Lithographers, Antal Vásárhelyi is a well-known Hungarian graphic artist whose works are characterised by a powerful sense of constructivism and intellectualism. This mini-exhibition presents around 50 of his works.

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